GL TEC Control System

GL Optic has introduced a new complete temperature regulation and control solution for LED measurements, the GL TEC Control System. Used in development labs for test and development of new LED drivers, LED chips and lights, the GL TEC Control System includes a spectrometer, integrating sphere, programmable power supply and software.

The system includes the lab-grade GL Spectis 6.0 spectrometer and TEC Mount with Peltier element for cooling or heating connected to a TEC controller which performs the control functions and displays the temperature. Both in turn are connected to a GL Opti Sphere 500 integrating sphere and a programmable power supply.

Based on high-precision temperature monitoring and control, the module creates stable measurement conditions and can simulate nearly any operating temperature. Heat control is managed by GL Automation, a  tool that is part of the GL Spectrosoft software package. It is used to operate all of the attached instrumentation or to plan, conduct and monitor automated test scenarios.