Hi-QE Photocathodes

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Photonis has released of a new photocathode designed to provide a combination of extremely low dark counts, fast response time, and a high quantum efficiency. Hi-QE Photocathodes are engineered to provide heightened spectral sensitivity in specific wavelength ranges for use in photon-starved applications, making them ideal for use in extremely low light level applications, including astronomy, biology, fluorescence, plasma research or nuclear physics.

The Hi-QE Photocathode increases quantum efficiency (QE) by 50 per cent when compared to standard S20 photocathodes, while lowering dark counts as much as 10X with near-symmetrical pulse height distribution.  

The new photocathodes are offered as an option to a number of Photonis photon counting products, including the hybrid photo diode, image intensifier, and MCP-PMT families of detectors as well as its Imaging Photon Camera, which provides high spatial resolution (<40µm in X and Y) as well as high timing resolution (<100ps).