High power laser diode Driver for DPSS lasers

Altechna has released its Laser Diode Driver, which is an electronic device that combines high power current source (up to 10A) for laser diode (LD) and two controllers for Peltier thermoelectrical coolers (TECs).

Compact and highly-efficient design limits power dissipation and simplifies
heat-sinking requirements, and the device is perfectly suited for OEM applications.

The Laser Diode Driver incorporates LD protection features like slow current ramp-up (soft start function), current limit, temperature limit and overheating protection.

Features includes: a soft start function; laser diode current up to 10A; user selectable with two uni-directional TEC controllers or single bi-directional TEC controller; and two bi-directional TEC controllers on request.

For smooth temperature stabilisation, adjustable parameters are available  to avoid temperature oscillations and there is overheating protection for the laser diode.

The device can be used in multistage laser systems. Master LDD can start/stop slaves LDDs (from 1.4 ver). It is also compact in size, LD current modulation (optional), microprocessor controlled and USB 2.0 compatible.