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Passively-cooled, fibre-coupled lasers

Jenoptik has extended three lines of its passively-cooled, high-power, fibre-coupled diode laser modules, suitable for the pumping of solid state and fibre lasers.

The JUM20k/100/20 provides an optical output power of 20Q via a 100μm fibre core with a numerical aperture of 0.22 at a 976nm wavelength. It is based on the new Jenoptik Diode Lab (JDL) chip design and offers high brightness with excellent coupling efficiency in a compact, hermetically sealed package.

The JOLD-100-CPXF-2P W uses a 400μm fibre core to output 100W of continuous wave (CW) power at wavelengths between 915 and 980nm, while the JOLD-140-CPXF-2P W outputs 140W CW at 940 and 980nm, or 100W at 808nm, through a 600μm fibre. The module features integrated temperature sensors and a pilot laser, and can be cooled with industrial water.

The JOLD-x-CPNN-1L is based on an industry standard mount (25 x 25mm). It emits 80W CW at 808nm and 100W between 915 and 976nm. It can also output 200W in a quasi-continuous wave pulsed mode at 808nm. It has a typical operation current of 112A and a maximum voltage of 1.8V. It is available with fast axis collimation with 90 percent of the initial optical output power within 0.5°.


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