Laser Components is pleased to introduce the LabSource series of bench top laser sources manufactured by PD-LD Inc with Volume Bragg Grating stabilised laser diodes.

Two models are available; the LS-1 with a single Volume Bragg Grating stabilised laser diode, and the LS-2 featuring two stabilised sources. Wavelength stability is +/- 5pm over eight hours with a +/-0.5% power stability over the same period.

The dual wavelength functionality of the LS-2 enables use in a variety of unique tasks including Shifted Excitation Raman Differential Spectroscopy (SERDS). The technique involves two Raman spectra formed from closely matching but different excitation wavelengths allowing the offset of background fluorescence. The result is an improvement in the identification and measurement of organic and biological samples, and in security industries where fluorescence is widespread.