P1011 filter for medical applications

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Laservision has developed a brand new plastic filter, especially for medical treatments.

The new filter P1011 is  perfect for medical treatments like tattoo removal or acne therapy. With the P1011 Laservision presents a very light and bright plastic filter for wavelength in the range from 630nm up to 710nm.

The P1011 is a very bright filter with a visible day light transmission of 52 per cent. The mint green colour of the P1011 is a very good colour view for blue and green.

The new filter P1011 is available in the Lambda One and Skyline spectacles. The Skyline frame from Laservision is a good option for users already wearing corrective glasses.

The new filter is also available in the brand new Dyna Guard spectacles, which is also a good solution for wearers of corrective glasses.