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Measurement Specialties, an expert in sensor design and manufacturing, now offers a new TruBlue Water Level Data Logger for remote monitoring of water levels in the harshest water environments. The battery-powered TruBlue 255 Level can collect up to a half-million time stamped pressure and temperature data points with its standard 8 MB of internal memory or can be outfitted with 56 MB to gather 3.7 million data points.

Constructed of welded 316 stainless steel or titanium, the fully-sealed level transducer withstands the harsh agents found in a wide range of freshwater and salt water applications. These include aquifer characterization, slug and pump tests, groundwater monitoring as well as stream and stage gauging.

The TruBlue 255 Level unit provides accurate measurement in flood and storm management, tide and harbor gauging, and rapid sampling wave studies. The unit can sample and log data at 4 Hz for 14 days using the auxiliary battery pack and extended memory options.

Equipped with a low power microcomputer, the battery-operated TruBlue 255 Level can log depth (level) and temperature for up to ten years without the need of a terminal box. The combination of precision, performance and rugged reliability provided by the instrument surpasses any other available transducer on the market.

Level accuracy is ±0.05% FS TEB from 0°C to 50°C with less than 1 cm of vertical accuracy error on up to 10 m (30 ft) of water. Available in level ranges from 5 m to 200 m of water and resolution is 0.01 per cent FS or better.

Simple, high speed data retrieval of 1,500 points per second is facilitated via the free, user-friendly TruWare software for PC or mobile devices that comes with each unit. TruWare easily converts data to an accurate water level reading that is fully compensated for barometric pressure, temperature and water density. Also included with each transducer is a 48-point calibration report and a two-year warranty.

TruBlue 255 Level Transducers have two cabling options to fit user requirements. Select from either an absolute communication cable or a USB-to-backshell communication cable.

Technical Specifications

             Rugged sealed housing withstands harsh environmental factors

             Ten-year Lithium-ion battery for extended service life

             Level accuracy of ±0.05% FS TEB

             Less than 1 cm of accuracy error up to 10 m (30 ft)

             Collects 550,000 data points as standard, with up to 3.7M data points optional

             High speed data extraction of 1,500 points per second

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