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Lightpath Technologies introduces chalcogenide glass production

LightPath Technologies, a vertically integrated global manufacturer, distributor and integrator of proprietary optical and infrared components and high-level assemblies, announced the addition of glass manufacturing capabilities as part of LightPath’s vertical integration strategy.  As40Se60 chalcogenide glass or BD6 is being produced in high volumes in the Orlando, FL facility and can be used in many infrared applications. This also supports the precision diamond turned and coating options available through its subsidiary, ISP Optics. 

LightPath’s team of experts will be on hand at the SPIE Defense Commercial and Sensing conference in Anaheim, CA and are scheduled to present on Monday, April 10th. This paper investigates the composition-dependence of PGM-relevant properties for As38Se62 and standard As40Se60 and presents a comparison of molding behavior and lens performance.


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