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LuOcean Mini series

Lumics has developed a diode laser driving board optimised for the Lumics LuOcean Mini series. This driver board uses cooling by free convection only, and offers full digital access to all functions of the laser module – for example, switching on and off a pilot laser beam.

Diode protective features, like automatic shut down in case of overheating, are particularly valuable for customers in the medical field. The driver board is compliant with medical norms, and read-out of data is via a standard RS232 programming interface.

The LuOcean Mini modules cover wavelengths from 793-1,940nm and offer power levels from 7W up to 70W out of fibres with 105µm to 600µm fibre core size, depending on configuration and application. Further wavelengths and significantly higher power levels are available with other products from the LuOcean series.


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