Metrology for surface inspection

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Armstrong Optical can offer 3D metrology systems ranging from white light interferometry systems with sub-nanometre resolution through add-on 3D analysis systems for microscopes to scanning point systems for large free-form components. System capabilities are only restrained by the size of the budget.

Application areas include 3D form, dimension and roughness measurement for markets as diverse as astronomical mirror production; skin wrinkle analysis; blind via holes in silicon wafers; scratch and indentation marks for tribology; laser ablation of glass panels for LCDs; dynamic analysis of MEMS devices; microlens array dimensioning; defect analysis on mould tools; air-gap measurement on windscreens; cutting tool, bearing and gear wear; non-contact analysis of archaeological artefacts and masterpieces; metrology of anti-forgery devices; and microfluidic device measurement.

Further systems are available allowing sub-micron resolution 3D analysis of components on production lines with fields as big as 45 x 45mm being assessed in less than 0.2 seconds.