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Frankfurt Laser Company offers high-power versions of its small MicroGreen and MiniGreen lasers. The optical output power of the new MicroGreen is 15mW and 150mW for the new MiniGreen.

MicroGreen laser is mounted on a 5.6mm laser diode header and measures 9mm in length. Respectively MiniGreen has 9mm diameter and 13mm length. The lasers are developed to be incorporated in devices demanding small space and low current consumption.

At 15mW of optical power output MicroGreen requires as low as <240mA of input current and can be powered with 1.8VDC. The lasers demonstrate perfect Gaussian beam profile and low optical noise of <1.5 per cent.

Frankfurt Laser Company has also released a single-mode CW 200mW 850nm laser diode, which offers high beam-quality and stable TEMoo performance. The laser diode is suitable for various opto-electronic applications, e.g. target designation, fibre laser pumping and medical applications. The available wavelength selection allows using the laser diode also in spectroscopic applications.

Supplied in a 9mm package with N-type common cathode pin configuration, the laser diode has an optical output power of 200W CW, fundamental transverse mode, low threshold current of 80mA, typical operating current of 300mA, operating voltage of 2.4V, and differential efficiency of 0.9mW/mA at an operating temperature range of -20°C to +40°C.