Oslo version 6.4.3

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The 6.4.3 release of Oslo from Lambda Research features 18 additions and improvements. Highlights include the ability to copy any Oslo plot or graphic to the MS Windows clipboard as a bitmap enabling Oslo users to have greater control and flexibility in creating custom-made OSLO macro programs.

The Oslo 6.4.3 release includes an update of Modulation Transfer Function reports so that the analysis now utilises field points with both x-field and y-field data enabling users to conveniently quantify MTF system performance over a two-dimensional field.

The OSLO global variable referencing surface based interferometer files is now a function of both the surface number as well as the instance number of the interferometer file on a particular surface enabling the user to access this data via CCL and DLL commands. The software provides feedback of the source and type of an error in the design, allows complex tolerance modelling to predict the performance of real optical systems.