SHSLab BR-110-GE-STD wavefront sensor system

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Qioptiq has announced that it is the sole distributor of Optocraft's SHSLab BR-110-GE-STD wavefront sensor system, now available through Quioptiq's Linos product line. The sensor system is designed for fast characterisation of optical components and lasers in research and quality assurance applications.

The SHSLab reliably measures extremely curved wavefronts in real-time and with high stability, enabling new approaches in research, quality assurance and development of optical and laser-based systems. The device's sensor head offers excellent accuracy for laser analysis and optics testing, and also for partially coherent light sources such as LEDs. The sensor head delivers a lateral resolution of 58 x 43 micro-lenses, and is based on a camera with 12-bit grey scale and modern gigabit-Ethernet interface.

The measurement principle is fast and stable, since no reference wavefront is needed and all information about the wavefront is extracted from a single camera frame. For highest requirements it is possible to increase the already high basic accuracy by means of different referencing methods.

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Sydney Institute for Astronomy researchers have developed a new type of wavefront sensor that leverages a ‘photonic lantern’ and deep learning. (Norris et al.)

01 November 2021