Vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer

McPherson has launched a vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer, model 234/302, with sensitive, cooled, scientific grade CCD detectors. The compact 200mm focal length spectrometer has adjustable slits, and operates at f/4.5. It provides fast, sensitive data collection from ultraviolet radiation and emission spectra in the 100 to 190nm wavelength range simultaneously, in near real time, with sub-nanometre spectral resolution.

The grating can be tuned to longer or shorter wavelengths to collect different wavelength swaths. Various models of cooled, back illuminated and windowless sensors fit directly to the focal plane for direct detection of vacuum ultraviolet spectra. Furnished with spectral calibration certificate, the McPherson spectrometer is available with standard light sources, reflective condenser optics, and vacuum differential sections.

The spectrometer can be used to measure vacuum ultraviolet spectral emission (signature emission from He, Ar, Xe, N2, O2, etc. and even many corrosive fluoride or chloride-based mixtures) quickly and easily in experiments as diverse as: plasma process mapping (semiconductor etch plasma formation and distribution), fluorescence (nano-materials, doped crystals, etc), luminescence (phosphor characteristics), and VUV photoemission.