Edmund Optics’ new Techspec HPr (high performance ruggedised) series fixed focal length lenses feature up to 9MP resolution

Thorlabs has released new versions of its 1,300nm MEMS‐VCSEL swept‐wavelength laser sources

NKT Photonics has extended the performance of its Origami XP series of industrial-grade femtosecond lasers with the Origami XP-S

Yelo has launched a 5000-channel laser diode burn-in and life test system

Mahr has introduced the MarSurf CM series of Optical 3D surface metrology systems

Gamma Scientific has released the SpectralLED RS-7-2 platform for applications requiring flat-field calibration

A new crystal doping technique could enable more powerful lasers

Photon counting specialist Becker Hickl’s BH Fastac (fast acquisition) FLIM system works in combination with Zeiss’ LSM 880 NLO multiphoton laser scanning microscopes

Optris has improved the compact infrared thermometers of its CSmicro line in order to increase their application range

MagnaChip Semiconductor now offers planar-type Hall-effect sensors for foundry customers.

Mahr, a provider of dimensional metrology solutions, has introduced the first in new a line of surface finish and contour measurement systems, the MarSurf contour drive (CD) series

Laser Components now offers its pyroelectric detectors with narrow-band IR filters for NO2 measuring