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Lumencor fosters innovation. It thrives on technical lighting challenges and exists to show what’s possible when light is used to its fullest potential. From bright, dependable Light Engines to completely custom Scanners, it does more than simple LEDs. Its tools illuminate life, clinical, and materials science, advancing life-changing research and development. Only Lumencor integrates a unique and proprietary mix of LEDs, light pipes and lasers in its best-in-class illumination products.

Lumencor’s Light Engines are designed and tailored for the analytical instruments they support, providing high optical power and brightness, colour specificity, fast switching speeds, reproducibility, and precise photon dosage. It supports instrument manufacturers, engineers, resellers, and end-users with 21st Century lighting tools to generate best quality data and support clean, mercury-free laboratories.




phone: +1 503 213 4269


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