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Electro Optics November is out now!

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Electro Optics is proud to announce the launch of our November print issue! 

This month we have articles exploring the increasing efficiency of microLEDs, advances in lithograpghy for microchip manufacturing, the application of deep learning in microscopy, and more!

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Features and analysis

Microscopy meets deep learning

Deep learning represents a solution to a number of microscopy challenges, however developers must carefully consider how they will be used by humans to ensure clinical success

Semiconductors: Pushing lithography to the extreme

Despite already existing at the cutting edge, innovation in lithography shows no signs of slowing down

Ramped up microLED efficiency to address AR/VR boom

With microLEDs set to lead the charge in the AR/VR boom, the race is on to increase their efficiency. But which technology will come out on top?

The dawn of a new era: LiFi standard certified

A new IEEE LiFi standard has set the stage for a transformative journey in the world of wireless communication

Case studies and white papers

Lumencor’s laser light engines for advanced fluorescence imaging

A look at the importance of the light source when increasing spatial resolution in fluorescence microscopy

The HDR frontier and the need for precision

Learn how Admesy’s Prometheus Colorimeter has been seamlessly integrated into FF Pictures’ InnoPQ HDR measurement system, revolutionising the fields of quality control, research, and development

Testing and measuring microLEDs at the speed of light Open configuration options

How swift testing is playing a crucial role in unleashing the power of microLEDs

Technology focus

The latest beam analysis products for 2023

A look at the current market for beam analysis and some of the photonics products, tools and instruments available

The latest optical mirrors for 2023

We detail the commercial product offerings from some of the main players in optical mirrors


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