AMS Technologies

Comet laser cleaver

AMS Technologies has released its Comet laser cleaver, which is manufactured by Sagitta and complements its product range of fibre optic instruments.

PLD series

AMS Technologies is providing the expanded PLD series of laser diode drivers from Wavelength Electronics. The new products include the PLD10K-CH 10 Amp laser diode driver, which does not incorporate the heat sink for a smaller OEM package.

Optical Fibre Length Meter

AMS Technologies has introduced OZ Optics' Optical Fibre Length Meter (OFLM). The OFLM quickly and accurately measures lengths of multimode, singlemode and polarisation maintaining fibres.

Photodiodes and receivers

AMS Technologies has introduced a family of photodiodes and receivers for 850nm, 1310nm and 1550nm from OSI Optoelectronics. They are suitable for optical communications applications up to 10Gbps.


AMS Technologies has introduced VueMetrix's new Vue-MV-21 laser diode controller. It provides high-power, low-noise control at 10A, 21V operation.

Seed Laser

AMS Technologies has introduced Quintessence Photonics' new laser designed to deliver high power in a single mode beam for pumping fibre and solid-state lasers and for use in direct applications.

Solid-state lasers

Pulsed solid-state lasers with wavelengths from 355 to 1064nm are now available from AMS Technologies in Germany, Italy and Spain.


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