Armstrong Optical


Armstrong Optical has introduced a new WaveSensor device for wave front analysis, manufactured by Trioptics

CHRocodile S

Armstrong Optical is distributing the CHRocodile S, a new optical controller to operate in conjunction with the Precitec Optronik range of non-contact surface profiling and thickness measurement systems

RAD-900 infrared radiometer

Armstrong Optical is distributing the RAD-900 infrared radiometer, manufactured by Optikos. The radiometer allows users to make precise measurements of radiometric temperature and spectral radiance

Dual-Speed-Mode linear stage

By combining a high speed DC-motor with a piezo-driven rotary motor on a backlash-free ball screw, Feinmess Dresden has developed a linear stage with a wide speed range, positional accuracy and low settling time.

LSV laser-interferometric vibrometer

The LSV laser-interferometric vibrometer from SIOS Messtechnik GmbH, supplied in the UK by Armstrong Optical, offers accurate, non-contact determination of temporal changes in the positions of objects or surfaces of arbitrary roughness.

Metrology for surface inspection

Armstrong Optical can offer 3D metrology systems ranging from white light interferometry systems with sub-nanometre resolution through add-on 3D analysis systems for microscopes to scanning point systems for large free-form components.

MPLS180 sensor

The MPLS180 sensor, available from Armstrong Optical, allows fast, high-resolution 3D scanning of surfaces for all types of applications - ranging from wrinkles on skin to complete, populated, printed circuit boards.


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