At booth C37, Avantes will demonstrate the new AvaSpec-Mini-CL series, which can be equipped with a 2,048-pixel CMOS detector or a 4,096-pixel array.

Enjoy the speed and enhanced native UV/NIR response of CMOS with resolution down to 0.1nm. The design allows less than 0.2 per cent stray light, and the fast response time boasts data transfer speeds as fast as 4.6m/s scan and integration times ranging from 30µs to 59s.

UV/VIS Spectroscopy Applications in Chemistry

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UV/VIS spectroscopy refers to absorption/reflection measurements performed in the ultraviolet and visible light spectrum and is one of the common tools in many a chemist’s tool box. This versatile measurement technique has a secure place in the chemistry lab. Read more to learn how spectroscopy is empowering today’s chemistry and nanotechnology research.


Avantes will have several exciting demonstrations this year at booth A2/101, showing the latest advancements in fibre optic spectrometers


Avantes will show its new AvaSpec-Hero spectrometer, giving high resolution and high sensitivity measurements


Avantes produces, develops and sells products in the field of fibre optic spectroscopy, such as spectrometers, light sources, software, fibre optics and accessories, for applications in industrial, chemical, and biomedical fields.


The new AvaSpec-Her spectrometer from Avantes is suitable for applications that require high resolution, high sensitivity and USB3 or Ethernet interfaces


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