Avantes produces, develops and sells products in the field of fibre optic spectroscopy, such as spectrometers, light sources, software, fibre optics and accessories, for applications in industrial, chemical, and biomedical fields.


The new AvaSpec-Her spectrometer from Avantes is suitable for applications that require high resolution, high sensitivity and USB3 or Ethernet interfaces

Avaspec ULS2048L-EVO

Innovator in the field of spectroscopy, Avantes, has announced it now offers the first instrument in the new EVO series: the AvaSpec-ULS2048L-EVO


Avantes, leading innovator in the field of spectroscopy, introduced a new NIR spectrometer with more sensitivity, less weight and less size. Based on a 100mm optical bench with a NA of 0.13, this instrument offers optimal balance between resolution and se


Avantes has released an improved halogen light source. The AvaLight-HAL-Mini has a new innovative design and the user can change the lightbulb easily

Beam splitter

Avantes has released a beam splitter, which gives the possibility of combining two light signals into one spectrometer, or to split a light signal into two spectrometers

Sweet cherry fruit analysis with reflectance measurements

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The average amount of sweet cherry produced in Hungary is around 10-12 thousand tons. Therefore fast and effective method is important for sweet cherry fruit quality analyses. The aim of this study was to examine the applicability of reflectance measurements for sweet cherry fruit quality analyses.


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