ES Technology


Dilas laser module distributor ES Technology has announced that it is offering the Dilas Tailored Bar (T-Bar) Modules

Marking station

ES Technology has introduced a 1m3 marking workstation for its range of class 1 laser machines. It features four handles and a mass less than 45kg, making it portable

Mlab cusing range

ES Technology is now supplying the latest addition to Concept Laser's Mlab cusing range. Mlab cusing is a compact laser-melting machine for the production of small and intricate components

Vertical diode laser stacks

ES Technology is distributing the new line of vertical diode laser stacks from Dilas. The high duty cycle device enables long pulse length for hair removal or high energy applications

Univet laser safety eyewear

ES Technology (Kingston, UK) has added a new selection of frame styles and materials to the range of Univet laser safety eyewear it distributes in the UK


UK-based distributor ES Technology has announced the availability of the new PLS6MW multi-wavelength laser platform produced by Universal Laser Systems


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