Laser Components

SAP500 linear or Gieger mode APDs

Laser Components has launched a new silicon avalanche photodiode for linear and Geiger mode operation, featuring excellent quantum efficiency, extremely low noise, and minimal dark current

4W fibre-coupled diode lasers

Laser Components has begun distributing a range of four-pin fibre-coupled diode lasers manufactured by SemiNex emitting up to 4W CW at 1,450, 1,470, 1,532, or 1,550nm

Laser protection windows

Laser Components now offer a range of laser protection windows, for a variety of materials and AR coatings for the wavelength required

Firecomms' OptoLock optical transceivers

Laser Components has added Firecomms' OptoLock optical transceivers to its product portfolio. The IDL301T-220 uses a plastic optical fibre (POF) and offers hardened immunity to EMI/EMC interference, as well as excellent ESD performance

Flexpoint LT

Laser Components has introduced the Flexpoint LT series of laser modules featuring a housing from which the laser beam exits parallel to the axis of rotation of the housing


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