Laser Components

High-power PLDs at 905 and 1550nm

Laser Components has introduced a new range of high-power pulsed laser diodes (PLDs), produced at its Canadian facility, including single emitters, multi-junction PLDs, and stacked designs at 905 and 1,550nm

Flexpoint pattern projection DOEs

Laser Components now distributes a range of pattern projection diffractive optical elements (DOEs) manufactured by Flexpoint, for use in any Flexpoint low power laser module


Laser Components has expanded its Count series of single photon counting modules to include the new CountBlue devices

Laser safety barriers and curtains

Laser Components can now offer a wide range of barriers and curtains to shield large areas from laser radiation, covering wavelengths of 180-11,000nm and low, medium and high power applications

Optical fibre switches

Laser Components has introduced a range of optical fibre switches designed for various laser measurement and microscopy applications


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