Laser Quantum


Laser Quantum has released the next generation of the finesse laser, which will benefit from increased robustness

Finesse Pure CEP

Laser Quantum has launched a next generation pump laser for CEP stabilisation critical applications


Laser Quantum has launched its actively mode-locked single frequency 532nm 750mW Torus laser at Pittcon 2012


Laser Quantum has announced a redesign of its popular Ventus laser range into a more compact head and significant improvements in beam quality

Lux Laser

Laser Quantum has launched the Lux laser that delivers up to 1W of 660nm laser power in a compact head design


Laser Quantum has announced its new Excel laser model, a CW 532nm laser that is capable of up to 2W while maintaining noise at <0.5 per cent RMS

Finesse 12

Laser Quantum has introduced the Finesse 12, its most powerful laser to date, offering 12W of true CW output, low noise and a 532nm wavelength suitable for Ti:sapphire pumping applications

Tau compact CW laser

Laser Quantum's Tau laser is the first in its new line of compact CW lasers offering a highly-stable, diffraction limited beam offers 532nm output at up to 50mW


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