Leica Microsystems

Leica DM4 P

Leica Microsystems has launched the Leica DM4 P polarisation microscope for the investigation of crystalline structures such as minerals, plastics and polymers, drugs and pharmaceuticals, or pigments and cement

Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M

The Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M upright microscopes for materials investigation have been introduced by Leica Microsystems. Both instruments have been designed for imaging, measurement, and analysis of similar features across many samples and materials

Leica DVM6

Leica Microsystems launches the digital microscope Leica DVM6, which is designed for inspection, analysis, and measurement in quality control, quality assurance, failure analysis, research and development, and forensics

Leica DCM8

Leica Microsystems has launched the Leica DCM8, a combined confocal and interferometric optical profiler, for non-destructive three-dimensional surface profiling

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