60W pump module

Limo has introduced a 60W pump module, with 100µm fibre, as well as a one-bar system, housed within a space-saving housing


Limo has launched the Lazo-Workstation, developed for a particularly smooth and accurate travel, as required for the development of many process-optimised surface applications, such as photovoltaic and semiconductor applications.

g2T-Scan scanning beam-profiler

LIMO has introduced its g2T-Scan two-in-one beam profiler and scanning system. The system can transform Gaussian beams into homogeneous 'top hat' profiles, uses galvo mirrors and an f-theta objective lens

Microlens Arrays

Limo has launched arrays with 0.8mm and 0.5mm lenses. The microlens arrays are made of synthetic fused silica and can be used from UV to IR.


Limo has released a high-power diode laser, designed to homogeneously illuminate an area of 28 x 28 x 80mm. The LIMO50-L28x28-DL795-EX473 emits 50W output power.

LIMO 350W pump modules

Limo#s fibre-coupled high-power-diode-laser LIMO300-F600-DL940 and LIMO350-F400-DL940 emit 300W out of a 600µm fibre core and 350W out of a 400µm fibre core, respectively.


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