LuOcean Mini series

Lumics has announced that it has developed a proprietary diode laser driving board that is highly optimised for the Lumics LuOcean Mini series

LuOcean Mini series

Lumics has announced it is re-setting the benchmark for the LuOcean Mini series, the company's product range for diode laser-based devices for medical and industrial applications

Diode laser systems

Lumics has enhanced its range of diode laser systems for light material processing in industrial applications such as plastic welding, laser soft soldering, thin sheet metal welding, and surface processing

BTF14 modules

Lumics, based in Berlin, Germany, has broadened its portfolio of single-mode fibre pigtailed butterfly 14-pin modules with internal temperature control and monitor photodiode

LuOcean 1,940nm diode laser

Lumics has introduced the 1,940nm LuOcean laser diode source for medical customers, which delivers an output power of 10W at 1,940nm, delivered out of a standard silica fibre with a 20um fibre core

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