Newport has introduced Conex-LDS, an ultra-compact, high-precision electronic autocollimator, used for the analysis of resonance modes of structures


Newport has introduced the latest instalment of its high accuracy FMS stages for higher-end metrology applications


Newport has introduced its universal motion controller/driver, the XPS-Qx

FMSxxHA stages

Newport has introduced its range of FMSxxHA stages for higher-end metrology applications, available in 100, 200 and 300mm models. The HA versions feature smooth motion, low noise, high straightness and flatness

NanoScan v2

Newport Corporation brand Photon has announced NanoScan v2, the newest version of the company's scanning slit beam profiler

HXP50 hexapod

Newport has introduced its HXP50 hexapod, a parallel kinematic motion device that provides 6-axis axis of motion: X, Y, Z, pitch, roll and yaw

High-precision adjustment screws

Newport has introduced high-precision adjustment screws with a 170-thread-per-inch (TPI) thread pitch, providing a 43 per cent improvement in sensitivity over standard 100-TPI adjustment screws

Excelsior One

Newport Spectra-Physics has introduced the Excelsior One CW laser series, featuring UV, visible and NIR variations


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