Optek Technology

OPL611 surface mount IR sensors

For design engineers looking for a compact infrared sensor, Optek Technology has developed a small surface mount packaged photo sensor with a digital output, suitable for applications with limited space

OV4Z Optimal IV Star Series

Optek Technology has developed a star-shaped red/green/blue/amber LED assembly with good thermal performance, known as the OV4Z Optimal IV Star Series.


Optek Technology has released the OCB100-Kit, which is an automatic calibration design kit featuring a driver board with three different optoelectronic circuits to enable design engineers to easily calibrate optoelectronic devices

OptoTherm OCB201 Series

Optek Technology has developed a thermally conductive aluminium substrate, which provides solid state lighting design engineers with a means of dissipating heat in visible LED applications.


Optek Technology has developed a cost-effective reflective object sensor with three different lead options. The OPB609 consists of an infrared LED and NPN silicon phototransistor mounted side-by-side on parallel axes.

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