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Palitra Series

Quantronix has released its Palitra Series of ultra-fast Optical Parametric Amplifiers (OPAs).

6398-L4t series fibre-coupled diode laser

JDSU has released its 6398-L4t series fibre-coupled diode laser, which expands its L4 platform by offering a tighter wavelength range specification of +/-3nm at 976nm for the fibre laser pumping market.

JDSU HeNe laser heads

Photonic Solutions has expanded the range of JDSU helium neon lasers that they hold in stock and which are available for purchase online from its webshop, with next day delivery offered on all in-stock items.

picoREGEN UC industrial amplifier

High Q Laser has released the picoREGEN UC-Industrial amplifier, which is a compact picosecond amplifier measuring 78 x 34cm and supplying 12ps pulses at single shot to 500kHz at 1,064nm with a power of up to 30W.

Allegro dye laser

Sirah, a supplier of pulsed dye laser systems, has launched the Allegro dye laser. The laser is optimised for use with high repetition rate diode pumped solid state (DPSS) laser systems.

Range of optical products

Photonic Solutions is the UK distributor of an extensive range of JDSU HeNe lasers, offering power outputs from 0.5mW to 22.5mW at 633nm.

EX5 excimer laser

GAM Laser has released its EX5 excimer laser, which is a low cost, compact, mini excimer laser, weighing in at only 14kg, measuring 47 x 25 x 25cm and supplying up to 7.5W at 248nm and 3.5W at 193nm.


Photonic Solutions is distributing Jaz, a modular sensing suite from Ocean Optics that consists of a community of stackable, modular and autonomous components combining to create a family of smart sensing instruments that are easily adaptable


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