Photonic Solutions


Now available in the UK from Photonic Solutions, Laser Quantum's Finesse10 has the smallest footprint in its class, and features an expanded range of output powers at 532nm to include 10W in the range

Pulse Slicer

APE's new Pulse Slicer, available in the UK from Photonic Solutions, provides an economical solution for those seeking variable bandwidth or pulse duration from an ultrafast laser

Narrow linewidth fibre laser systems

NKT Photonics has introduced its range of narrow linewidth fibre laser systems, which are based on single mode, single frequency distributed feedback (DFB) fibre lasers, distributed by Photonic Solutions

id Quantique APDs

Photonic Solutions is distributing the full range of id Quantique's high precision photon counting avalanche photodiodes (APDs), together with its id300 short-pulse laser source


CASIX has released a range of etalons to its Fibre Optics (optical communications) range.

Palitra Series

Quantronix has released its Palitra Series of ultra-fast Optical Parametric Amplifiers (OPAs).

6398-L4t series fibre-coupled diode laser

JDSU has released its 6398-L4t series fibre-coupled diode laser, which expands its L4 platform by offering a tighter wavelength range specification of +/-3nm at 976nm for the fibre laser pumping market.

JDSU HeNe laser heads

Photonic Solutions has expanded the range of JDSU helium neon lasers that they hold in stock and which are available for purchase online from its webshop, with next day delivery offered on all in-stock items.


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