Photonic Solutions


The 9520 series of digital pulse generators, manufactured by Quantum Composers and distributed by Photonic Solutions, offer high resolution and excellent control over the delays and widths of pulses.


The EX350, manufactured by GAM Laser and distributed by Photonic Solutions, is a small platform excimer laser with very high pulse energy.

IDL series

Available through Photonic Solutions, JDSU has expanded the range of available lasers in its industrial diode laser (IDL) series with new diode lasers offering 100W of CW or pulsed output power at 915nm, 940nm and 965nm.


Photonic Solutions is distributing the Darwin-Duo from Quantronix - a dual oscillator/single head, high repetition rate, diode pumped Nd:YLF laser for particle image velocimetry (PIV) and other dual output applications.


The DCS-120, manufactured by Becker and Hickl and distributed by Photonic Solutions, is a complete confocal laser scanning fluorescence lifetime imaging system.


The Odin-II multi-pass amplifier with cryogenically cooled add-on amplifier from Quantronix, and distributed by Photonic Solutions, is a commercial-grade modular Ti:sapphire amplifier system.

Agilite 560

Photonic Solutions is providing Continuum's new Agilite 560 powerful Nd:YAG laser. It uses an innovative laser design which allows programmable pulse widths.


Photonic Solutions is distributing the new 6397-L3 series of high-power fibre coupled diode lasers from JDS Uniphase which provides excellent power, reliability and brightness.


The FCD-488 continuous wave laser from JDS Uniphase, distributed by Photonic Solutions, is a diode-pumped solid-state laser featuring fibre–based architecture.

Safety eyewear

Photonic Solutions has released a new range of laser safety eyewear that is lightweight, stylish and practical. This improved comfort is hoped to increase usage.


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