HMI on StarCut Tube

Rofin has introduced a newly designed next-generation human machine interface on its four-axis laser cutting system StarCut Tube

StarCut Tube generation

Rofin has revised its current StarCut Tube generation by fitting a new precision cutting head and a larger working chamber that allows for part removal at any time

StarCut Tube

Rofin has added an automatic tube loader, suitable for dry and wet cutting, to its StarCut Tube laser cutting system


Designed for industrial material processing Rofin's StarPico, with its patented resonator design and robust set-up, delivers a pulse duration of 12ps, pulse energy of 100µJ and an adjustable pulse repetition rate of up to 20MHz

Modular Processing System

Rofin's Modular Processing System (MPS) 3D is suited to automated material processing tasks where four or five interpolated axes of movement are required

StarFemto FX

The StarFemto FX, just one of a comprehensive range of ultra-short pulse lasers offered by Rofin, is matched to industrial material processing applications within electronics, semiconductor, micro technology and medical device manufacturing

StarFemto FX

Three years after introducing ultrashort-pulse lasers in medical manufacturing, Rofin gas released its next-generation femtosecond laser source

PowerLine Prime 12

The Rofin PowerLine Prime 12 ultra-compact laser is a diode-pumped laser marker with a wavelength of 1064 nm


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