Toptica Photonics


Toptica Photonics has introduced the FemtoFiber smart family of fibre lasers, which are dedicated to applications ranging from biophotonics to terahertz generation and two-photon polymerisation


Toptica Photonics has expanded the product portfolio of its BlueMode diode laser family to include green and red modes

iChrome MLE light engine

Toptica Photonics has introduced its iChrome MLE, a compact multi-laser OEM light engine for multi-colour applications in biophotonics, allowing four different lasers can be selected to match the specific application


Toptica Photonics offers the FemtoFiber series of high power modelocked fibre lasers. The advantages of fibre lasers guarantee turnkey generation of femtosecond pulses in a compact and noiseless setup.


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