Toptica has released a new class of multi-Watt laser sources for use in the laboratory but also opening up opportunities for future OEM integration

FemtoFiber ultra NIR

Available from Toptica, the FemtoFiber ultra NIR is a turnkey laser system that provides femtosecond laser pulses of more than 500mW average power

iChrome SLE

The new multi-laser engine iChrome SLE from Toptica supports multi-colour applications that require separate microscope input ports

Frequency comb DFC

TOPTICA's difference frequency comb DFC operates with CERO technology ('zero-vCEO') which obtains a phase-stable laser output with an inherently vanishing frequency offset

DLC SHG pro systems

TOPTICA's latest DLC SHG pro systems offer the lowest noise levels, narrowest linewidths and a simpler way to manage laser operation

Continuously Tunable Lasers

Toptica has introduced a new family of diode lasers: the Continuously Tunable Lasers (CTL). The first two versions of the CTL are available at 950nm and 1,570nm, with continuous tuning from 915-985nm and 1,530-1,620nm, respectively

DLC Pro controller

Toptica has released the DLC Pro, a high-end laser controller for the company's tunable diode laser DL Pro

iBeam smart WS

The iBeam smart WS, a compact OEM diode laser, features reliable wavelength stabilised laser diodes integrated into Toptica's successful iBeam smart platform

FemtoFErb 780

Toptica's FemtoFErb 780 laser system delivers 50mW average power at 780nm centre wavelength, with a pulse duration of less than 100fs at a repetition rate of 100MHz


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