TeraFlash system

Toptica has introduced its new TeraFlash system, a table-top platform for time-domain terahertz spectroscopy

SodiumStar 20/2

Toptica has unveiled the SodiumStar 20/2, a guide star laser that was developed jointly with MPB Communications, and is based on an approach pursued by the laser group of the European Southern Observatory (ESO)

HighFinesse WS6-200 IR3 wavelength meter

Toptica has released the HighFinesse WS6-200 IR3 wavelength meter, providing precise and fast wavelength measurement in the mid-infrared (IR). This system performs measurements in a wavelength range from 2-11um

BlueMode laser

Toptica has released its BlueMode laser, suitable for interferometry and holography. It unites high power, high coherence and superior mode stability in a compact and rugged design

Femtofibre pro

Toptica has introduced a tunable 'ultra compressed pulse' (UCP) model of its successful Femtofibre pro series. The system provides a supercontinuum between 980 and 1400nm at more than 30mW output power

iBeam Smart PT

Toptica has launched the iBeam Smart PT, a compact, permanently fibre-coupled ('pigtailed') diode laser, designed for straightforward OEM integration

DL 100/pro

Toptica has introduced the DL 100/pro, an ultra-stable tunable diode laser now available at all diode wavelengths between 372nm and 1670nm


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