Tube 7000

Trumpf has announced its TruLaser Tube 7000, a machine that can process tubes with a rectangular, round or oval cross-section

SAP marking interface

Trumpf has introduced a method of directly connecting a marking laser to the Systems Applications and Products (SAP) environment via a standard interface with its TruMark Station 1000 (D)

TruLaser 8000

Trumpf has announced the TruLaser 8000, a 2D laser machine for the processing of extra large sheets, measuring up to 16 x 2.5m

TruDiode Series expanded

Trumpf has expanded its TruDiode Series with the introduction of diode lasers at output powers of 800, 1000, 2000 and 3000 watts, for welding, brazing, hardening and heat treatment applications

TruDisk lasers

Trumpf has introduced its latest generation of TruDisk lasers, a range of fibre-delivered products for demanding industrial applications

TruMark 3010

The TruMark 3010, from Trumpf, is a laser marking system aimed at those who need to mark small batches or individual workpieces


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