The first photonics core index: supporting a photonics capital market

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Carlos Lee discusses the launch of the first photonics core index








I am extremely pleased to announce that the first photonics index has been published, a tool to assess the return of investment of the photonics industry. The Solactive Epic Core Photonics Index represents the stock performance of 58 photonics companies. 

Very soon, every individual who wants to surf the photonics wave will be able to invest in this sector that historically has had share value increase at an average CAGR of 25.9 per cent. Epic will build on this index to bring several benefits, for its members and the industry at large. This structuring of a photonics capital market to support development and growth, and our coinciding effort to inform investors and highlight market potential, will ensure the photonics sector will receive greater financial recognition and credibility.

The index lists companies on the stock market for which you can buy shares. If you want to invest, you will need to choose individual companies to invest in. If you invest in a financial product that tracks the index, you are investing in 58 companies – which means you reduce volatility and consequently risk. 

Epic decided how and who should be included in the index, and Frankfurt-based Solactive was contracted to put the report together. Since 2007 Solactive has been developing tailor-made and multi-asset class-index solutions for index-linked investment products.

Epic members will be able to have greater access to the financial investment community, be better informed on the various options to raise money, and benefit from the resulting increased activities related to business/growth. 

Initial feedback has already been extremely positive, with companies such as Shute Sensing Solutions, from Denmark, saying they will use the index performance graph in their investor presentations. Lightwave Logic (Stock: LWLG) has been actively promoting their inclusion in the index and this has been picked up by various sites such as Yahoo, Financial Times and more. 

Epic and its members will reach out to the financial community, organise investor roadshows, plan investor-related events and engage with networks of business angels, early investors, banks, corporate investors, and generally make it a priority to contribute to a sustainable consolidation of the industry.

As Epic embarks into becoming the largest funnel for investing into photonics, our members will also enjoy priority access to technology scouting through investments and acquisitions. For more information please visit or contact

The index will provide investors a way to invest in a diversified portfolio of photonics companies. (Image: Shutterstock/wanpatsorn)

14 December 2021

Pieter Klinkert, fund manager at PhotonDelta (left), Simone Cardarelli, CEO of MicroAlign (centre) and Pleuni Hooijman of Innovation Industries (right). (Image: Photon Delta)

13 December 2021