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DLC Pro controller

Toptica has released the DLC Pro, a high-end laser controller for the company’s tunable diode laser DL Pro. The controller provides intuitive touch control and powerful remote operation to run and frequency stabilise the laser.

The DLC Pro comes with laser diode current, temperature and piezo drivers with excellent noise and drift properties. It boosts the performance of Toptica’s DL pro diode laser, which now runs with line widths down to 10 kHz. For active frequency stabilisation, the DLC pro readily provides dual PID and lock-in control. A PC software and command line interface allow remote operation of the controller via Ethernet or USB.

The DLC pro can directly display signals from the experiment replacing additional external oscilloscopes. Using the signal display, the user can adjust scan parameters, for instance, via multi-touch gestures. Complex operations like laser locking or FFT of the error signal can be performed remotely via PC or directly on the controller. Advanced ReLock functions and other features from Toptica’s DigiLock are integrated as well.

Experiments requiring a narrow line width (e.g. optical clocks or quantum computing with cold atoms and ions) as well as setups needing remote laser control (e.g. polar lidar) will benefit from the DLC Pro.


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