tailored mini-bar laser diodes

Dilas has developed a state-of-the art tailored mini-bar laser diode architecture for high brightness fibre-coupling, capable of delivering 135W output from a 200µm (NA 0.22) fibre at 976nm

Diode laser bars at 1210 and 1320nm

Dilas has broadened its range of diode laser bars with the addition of two new wavelengths at 1,210 and 1,320nm, which offer wall-plug efficiencies of greater than 40 per cent

Homegenisation optics

Dilas has recently begun producing solutions for homogenised area illumination, with applications in thermal and medical applications

High brightness, fibre-coupled diode laser

Dilas has developed a high brightness, conduction-cooled, fibre-coupled diode laser module based on diode laser bars, which provides up to 40W output power from a 100-micron fibre core at a wavelength of 976nm with a numerical aperture of <0.22

Diode laser bars

Dilas has expanded its range of conduction-cooled, visible diode laser bars to cover wavelengths at 632nm, 635nm, 638nm, 650nm and 677nm, with optical CW output power between 4W and 20W


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