Elliot Scientific

308 FPD spectrophotometer

Elliot Scientific had begun distributing the 308 FPD spectrophotometer manufactured by Craic Technologies, aimed at developers of OLED devices

308 PV microscope colorimeter

Elliot Scientific has announced that it has begun distributing the 308 PV microscope colorimeter, manufactured by Craic Technologies, to customers in the UK

Axiom semiconductor disk laser

Elliot Scientific is now offering the Axiom laser, a 0.5W CW green (514nm) semiconductor disk laser produced by Solus Technologies, suitable as a replacement for legacy argon-ion systems

Firefly-IR laser

M Squared Lasers' Firefly-IR laser, available in the UK and Europe through Elliot Scientific, provides capabilities in remote sensing, imaging and molecular spectroscopy

H100 mid-IR fibre

Elliot Scientific has released a small-core, high-power multimode, mid-infrared fibre for use in medical, industrial and R&D applications from IRphotonics of Hamden, Connecticut

E3500 optical tweezer system

Elliot Scientific has introduced a version of the E3500 computer-controlled multiple-trap optical tweezer system with E4100 QPD (Quadrant Photo Detector) force measurement facility

Verve DPSS laser

Elliot Scientific is distributing the Verve CW DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) laser from Klastech, outputting in the UV at a wavelength of 266nm


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