Elliot Scientific

Butterfly Laser Diode Module

Elliot Scientific has released the Eblana Photonics EP1550-NLW-B Butterfly Laser Diode Module to users in the coherent communications, sensors, medical device and imaging equipment industry sectors.


Elliot Scientific is distributing Femtolasers' newly updated turnkey Ti:S ultrafast oscillator - the Integral. An improved laser cavity increases the power levels to 400mW at low noise levels, compared to 150mW from the previous generation.

Positioning systems

Elliot Scientific is to distribute mechonics' complete range of positioning systems with piezo inertial drives.


Elliot Scientific is providing Femtolasers Produktion's new range of ultra-compact Ti:Sapphire oscillators combining integrated design with customer accessibility, ensuring maximum stability and ease of operation.

M Squared Lasers

Elliot Scientific has released a new THz source from M Squared Lasers. The Firefly-THz laser is based on intra-cavity optical parametric oscillator technology developed by the University of St. Andrews, UK.


Elliot Scientific is providing M Squared Lasers new SolsTiS, an ultra-compact, widely tuneable, hands-free, single-frequency Ti:Sapphire laser system. It includes a host of features to lower cost and maximise performance, reliability and productivity.

Firefly-THz Source/ SolsTIS

Elliot Scientific is providing M Squared Lasers' new THz source: the Firefly-THz Laser, based on an efficient intra-cavity optical parametric oscillator (OPO)


Quantum Design has introduced its first portable cryogen-free cryocooler-based vibrating sample magnetometer with the new VersaLab product line, distributed by Elliot Scientific, with a sensitivity of better than 1E-6 emu/rt-Hz.


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