WhiteLase SC480-20

Fianium has introduced the WhiteLase SC480-20, a high brightness supercontinuum laser with 20W of total power, with over 3W of visible (350-750nm) and 4.5W of extended visible (350-850nm) power


Fianium has released the Hylase-25, a high-energy picosecond laser, for customer trials. The systems consist of two models, with sub-20 picosecond pulse duration and specified power (maximum pulse energy) of 8W (50uJ) and 25W (125uJ)

SC450-8-VE bright supercontinuum laser

Fianium claims that its new SC450-8-VE is the most powerful supercontinuum laser commercially available, offering more than 8W of total optical power and a spectrum optimised to provide the maximum visible light

New supercontinuum lasers

Fianium has introduced three new supercontinuum lasers - the SC-450-8, SC-450-8-PP and SC-450-8-VE, capable of generating over 8W of total output power between 450nm to more than 2µm

SC series of supercontinuum systems

Ultrafast fibre laser manufacturer Fianium has unveiled a series of enhancements to its SC series of supercontinuum systems, including the addition of the highest-power blue-enhanced system


Ultrafast fibre laser manufacturer, Fianium, has introduced its versatile FP1060-HE range. The lasers are based on a robust, reliable mode-locked fibre laser, generating high-energy ultrafast pulses, with excellent beam quality.

Ultrafast lasers

Fianium has developed its own product range based on its high-power modelocked fibre laser systems, covering the spectrum from the 266nm to beyond 2µm.

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