Laser 2000

Laser 2000

Laser 2000 will display its new X-LSM stages from Zaber and the Moku:Lab, an all-in-one test and measurement device for laboratories

Laser 2000

Laser 2000 will present various products from its partners. such as:

Xenlux develops, manufactures and supplies standard and custom fibre-optic components such wavelength multiplexers, short- and long-wave band-pass filters, star couplers and attenuators. The integration of these components with the active components such as transmitters or receivers enables the construction of custom modules. These then serve as an interface for the measurement of the spectrum or various physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, strain or torsion.


Laser 2000 has introduced Moku:Lab, an all-in-one test and measurement device created by Liquid Instruments


Laser 2000 has introduced Moku:Lab, an all-in-one device that replaces multiple test and measurement instruments with a single device in laboratories

Zaber rotation stages

Zaber's range of rotation stages deliver full 360 degree rotation with up to 10 N-m torque, 1800 deg/s speed, 50 kg load capacity, and 2-inch apertures

Laser beam expanders

Optical Surfaces' laser beam expanders incorporate off-axis mirrors which provide an unobstructed output and highly efficient transmission.
The reflective design is achromatic and with aluminium coatings can operate from UV to far IR without adjustment

Hybrid Hexapod

Laser 2000 has introduced the Hybrid Hexapod from ALIO Industries. With the combination of serial and parallel kinematic axes, it is possible to achieve high precision and dynamic, as well as a flexible combination of travel ranges and dimensions


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