Laser Components

SC-LIA-S multi-channel lock-in amplifier

UK-based distributor Laser Components has introduced a new lock-in amplifier from German manufacturer Femto Messtechnik, a standard 19-inch rack system with options including 50-120Hz frequency range and 5-10kHz working frequency


Cal Sensors has released the MIRA4 mid-infrared array in a quadrant format that includes four 1mm square PbSe detectors mounted in a single substrate. The detectors are available from Laser Components.

LC LMD series

Laser Components has introduced the low cost LC LMD series of laser diode modules for the OEM market

Dual FOV IR Camera Lenses

Wavelength Technology has developed a range of infrared dual focus IR camera lenses. This wide band IR lens (8µm to12µm) has been developed to cater for cameras with zoom functionality.

Anti-reflection coatings range

Laser Components has launched a range of anti-reflection (AR) coatings to help bring down the losses associated with back reflections within optical systems.


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