Laser Components


Laser Components is distributing Omega Optical’s latest microscopy filter sets. The QuantaMAX filter sets are manufactured using energetic process refractory ocide coating technology.

Protective Windows

Laser Components is offering inexpensive protective windows, which can be used to protect high-quality optics against material splatter while cutting, welding, and engraving. They have a surface figure of 1L.


Laser Components has introduced Wavepower, an easy-to-use tool that can measure the wavelength and output power measurement of laser diodes and laser diode modules simultaneously.


Laser Components has introduced its Si APDs, which sit alongside its pulsed laser diodes at 850nm and 905nm, also produced in house. They have gained immediate acceptance in the market.

PbSe lasers

Laser Components is offering PbSe lasers for high-resolution absorption spectroscopy. They have good tunability, and are ideal spectral sources for industrial or medical gas sensors.

Custom Fibre Assemblies

Custom fibre assemblies, from Laser Components, have extended the range of standard assemblies for telecommunications, with core sizes from 50µm diameter, and special cables for sensor and medical technologies.

Lead-salt laser diodes

Laser Components has a range of lead-salt (PbS/PbSe) laser diodes, which are ideal for probing of molecules using very narrow linewidth infrared light from 3333 to 400 wavenumbers.


Laser Components has released the PDL-1315M/TM transmitter module, constructed using a 1300nm Edge Emitting LED (ELED), coupling its optical output into single mode optical fibre.

3rd Milennium Filters

Laser Components has introduced 3rd Millennium filters, which combine patent-pending, hermetically-sealed assemblies with Omega Optical Alpha technology.. They offer superior spectral performance and longer filter life.


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