Laser Components

Fibre Optic Hermetic Feedthroughs

Sedi Fibres Optiques offers comprehensive solutions for fibre optic hermetic feedthroughs. Standard feedthroughs include connectors, such as FC for singlemode or graded index fibres, and SMA for large core fibres from 140µm to 1000µm.

Sarf series

Laser Components is providing the new Sarf series of Si-APDs for rangefinding systems based on the time-of-flight method (LIDAR).

FlexPoint FP-HOM

Laser Components is providing the Flexpoint FP-HOM line lasers from Blau Optoelektronik. The FP-HOM homogenous series line lasers are available with a broadband light source, using 680nm super luminescent diodes (SLDs) with reduced speckle pattern.

Photline PS-LN

The new Photline PS-LN Polarisation Rotators from Laser Components are integrated optics waveguide devices that switch the polarisation state of an input light between two linear orthogonal output states at frequencies up to 10GHz.

UV, Visible and IR detectors

Laser Components offers a wide range of detectors from UV (SiC, silicon UV enhanced), visible (Si photodiodes, APDs, position sensitive detectors (PSD) and colour sensors), and infrared


Laser Components is distributing Nd:GdVO4 crystals without a laser source. It is an excellent laser crystal for diode-pumped lasers, exhibiting a high gain, low threshold and high absorption coefficients at pumping wavelengths.

DPM modules

Laser Components is selling DPM modules (diode-pumped microchip), a combination of laser rod and frequency-doubling crystal, using 0.5mm thick Nd:YVO4 and Nd:GdVO4 crystals function joined to 2mm thick KTP doubling crystals.

Nanostack pulsed laser diodes

The variety of pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) manufactured by Laser Components has increased to meet numerous market demands. Its Nanostack laser technology at 905nm now includes several epitaxially integrated emitters.

Top hat beam shaper

Laser Components has launched Holo-Or's new range of top hat beam-shapers designed for a 2940m laser with a 4.0mm Gaussian beam.


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