Laser Quantum

THz spectroscopic imaging at kHz pixel rates

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The fastest imaging technique on the market. Combining high-speed ASOPS and efficient THz generation antenna allows for spectroscopic imaging at 10 kpixels / second acquisition speed, with an excellent signal to noise ratio. Being able to measure the phase and amplitude information at this high speed is unmatched by any other device on the market.

Laser Quantum

Laser Quantum will be exhibiting its Helixx and Axiom systems, and can be found at Novanta’s Photonics West booth 1834, and at the BiOS booth 8457.

The Helixx is a turn-key femtosecond laser, ideal for a variety of scientific and industrial applications. The system features a 250MHz repetition rate and delivers an average output power of more than 2.3W in pulses less than 50fs, tuneable between 720nm - 920nm.

Gecco Power and Venteon Boost

Laser Quantum has added two new products to its Gecco and Venteon femtosecond oscillator ranges: the Gecco Power and Venteon Boost

ASOPS Engine

Laser Quantum has released the ASOPS Engine, an advanced time-domain spectroscopy system that offers extremely fast acquisition speeds of up to 20kHz

Laser Quantum

The venteon ultra laser system from Laser Quantum provides an integrated DPSS pump laser in a novel monolithic housing


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