Laser Support Services

Laser Support Services

Laser Support Services will be at booth D03 to inform attendees about its laboratory equipment and laser and laboratory safety solutions. Its products include: scientific cameras, thermal imaging devices, infra-red cameras and viewers, laboratory safety interlock systems, laser safety panels and curtains, laser safety and diagnostics equipment, spectrometers, opto-mechanic components, breadboards and optical tables, vacuum chambers and components, optics, lasers, laser and alignment eyewear, and laser repair services.

ST-8MTF-75 positioning stage

Laser Support Services is distributing Standa's ST-8MTF-75, an integral X-Y positioning stage that has an accuracy of less than 0.5µm microns with a repeatability of less than 0.5µm

MM-1M-F Miniature Linear Stage

Laser Support Services has released its MM-1M-F Miniature Linear Stage (2 x 0.5 x 0.5-in), which delivers high-torque, 0.099µ resolution, 5mm travel, and precision positioning.

Chatarra laser

Laser Support Services has launched the CW and pulsed (including femtosecond option) laser Chatarra, from Del Mar Photonics. It is available in two main all-solid-state options: diode pumped or 1.9µm Tm fiber laser pumped.


Laser Support Services is distributing Glendale's lightweight, stylish and practical protective eyewear. The latest products include high transmission filters for YAG and diode lasers.

Ultrafast lasers

Laser Support Services offers the full range of Del Mar Photonics ultrafast lasers, including the Trestles Ti:Sapphire series, the Mavericks Cr-Forsterite laser and the Buccaneer Er-doped fibre laser.

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