Newport Corporation

BroadBeam High Reflector Mirrors

Newport Corporation, a provider of laser and photonic solutions, has introduced BroadBeam High Reflector Mirrors, optimised for broadband performance at an excellent value

FMS precision linear stages

Newport Corporation has introduced a new series of FMS precision linear stages. The motion control stages are designed for use in surface profiling, tribology, and contact (stylus) and non-contact metrology

Integrity VCS

Newport Corporation has introduced its Integrity VCS series vibration control system designed to provide an economical and stable platform for basic photonic research

Laser microFab

Newport Corporation has introduced its Laser µFab, a table-top laser microfabrication workstation optimised for research applications, including two-photon polymerisation and volumetric writing of waveguides and microfluidic devices

Ultrafast variable attenuators

Newport Corporation has introduced the first set in a series of ultrafast variable attenuators (UVAs). Compact, robust, and easy-to-use, the ultrafast attenuators are available in manual (UVA-800-M) and motorised (UVA-800-Conex) versions

Conex-AG-M100D mirror mount

Newport Corporation has introduced the Conex-AG-M100D, a remote-controllable, piezo-motor-driven mirror mount with an integrated two-axis absolute position sensor


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